Niche banking

Design the perfect bank for your users.

Swan lets you expand your offering to your customers by building a banking service custom-made to fit their needs. Our APIs can enable a sporting goods store to create a bank for athletes, a professional services app to build a bank for businesses, and a new digital bank to reinvent retail banking.

Branded cards

Create cards to let users make the most of their spending.

Swan allows you to issue and manage cards to create new payment experiences. Our APIs can power single-use payment cards to streamline employee spending, generate automatic reimbursement for providers on your marketplace, offer discounts and cashback for loyal customers, or handle payments to a selection of stores.

SEPA transfer management

Generate IBANs to automate payment collection.

With Swan, your users can create IBANs to enable SEPA credit and direct debit transactions and monitor data from incoming payments in real-time. Swan's APIs can support a real estate rental company assigning dedicated IBANs to each property and tracking payments for each tenant or empower an accountancy firm to manage customer payments on auto-pilot.

And so much more…

Imagination is the only limit to what you can build with Swan. Contact our team to find out how our APIs can be put to work to move your business into a new dimension.

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