The easiest way to embed banking features into your product.

Use Swan's APIs to embed white-labeled banking features like accounts, cards, and IBANs into your workflows and UX.

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Boost your business into a new dimension.

Today, money movement often causes friction in the user experience. Too much bouncing back and forth between apps just to pay for things or get paid.

Tomorrow, banking steps will become invisible. It's all about that unified customer journey - embedded banking makes it possible.

Who will be the first in your sector?

Your product deserves banking features.

Transform your user experience by adding a financial layer to your product.


Create accounts for your company or your customers. Access data and manage transactions for each account.

Mastercard cards

Issue Mastercard cards. These are your cards, with your rules, and your branding.


Enable transfers and debits. Create as many IBANs as you want for all your accounts.

CArd design studio

Customize debit cards with your logo and get a realistic 3D preview.

Design your card

Instant setup, infinite customization.

No-code dashboard
Create your project in minutes.

Upload your logo and pick your settings. Get the link to start inviting your customers to your ready-made banking app!

Scale your integration with APIs.

Unplug our web interfaces and build convenient financial steps right into your product to create a perfectly unified customer journey.

Testing is free
Pay when you go live.

Our Sandbox is free to play in, our API free to explore. Test as much as you need and don't pay a dime until you actually go live.

All the tricky processes ready‑to‑go.

And a super smooth UX!

Strong Customer Authentication, Identity Verification, fraud detection. We handle all the risky factors that would otherwise keep you up at night.

Account opening & support

We built the entire account opening process for you. After that, your customers can contact Swan's support team so they're never stuck.


Swan is a licensed financial institution and you get to piggy‑back on that license. Skip the process of becoming regulated. No need to hire a compliance team, set up a risk management process, or be audited.

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