Your product deserves banking features

Add banking features to your products and workflows with our white-label banking platform and simple APIs.

Bank accounts

Create accounts for your company or your customers. Access data & manage transactions for each account.

Mastercard cards

Issue Mastercard cards. These are your cards, with your rules, and your branding.


Enable transfers and debits. Create as many IBANs as you want for all your accounts.

Easy to ship, easy to scale

Instant setup, infinite customization: create your project in minutes and build features your customers want.

White label web banking interface

Upload your logo, select your color, pick your settings and move to production.

Grow with APIs

Build with our APIs to deliver a custom-made banking experience and support your business needs.

It shouldn't be complicated

Payments are hard. Our job is taking complex codes and regulations like DSP2, PCIDSS, 2FA, SCA, rendering them in an easy-to-use interface and allowing you to invent new business models. We handle the risk while you take your product to the next level.


Built-in authentication, fraud detection, and customer identity verification.


Your users can contact Swan's support team so they're never stuck.


Since we are a licensed financial institution, you are free of any regulatory burden.

Build with Swan

Swan is engineered to help innovators move their business into a new dimension. Join the movement.

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