Focus on your product, Swan takes care of all the heavy lifting.

You concentrate on building the best UX, while Swan owns compliance, regulation, risk, and data security infrastructure.

Your Product

Banking features you can put right at the heart of your business.

Own and design the banking experience your clients deserve, with your branding, all the way through. Get the distribution fast-track with Swan’s white-labeled interfaces or fully customize your experience via our API. Take friction out of your UX — your customers will feel the difference!

Tech infrastructure

Proprietary scalable infrastructure.

We built our own core banking system, with our own ledger, to process transactions and update financial records. Our ledger is connected to the SEPA network, with our own BIC & IBANs. All of this has been built to be scalable and to adapt to a fast-moving environment. This is extremely important so our product — and yours — stays in the future.

Regulatory infrastructure

No regulatory burden.

Trying to digest hefty documentation on PSD2, PCI DSS, SCA, AML, and SDS? Let it go – all those complex codes and regulations are our territory. With Swan’s e-money license, you can offer Accounts, Cards, and Payments across the entire EEA. No need to hire a compliance team, set up a risk management process, or be audited.

Banking Operations

Count on our operations day-to-day.

Banking is tech-heavy, but there are people behind the scenes as well! On a day-to-day basis, our team makes sure all transfers and payments run smoothly and compliant, and if your customers have any banking-related questions, we’re here to offer support.

Pay as you grow.

WE scale with your success

No setup fees

Forget that 6-digit setup fee. Your quote is based on your current needs, not on unreliable forecasts.

No long-term contracts

No one likes 36-month contracts. With Swan you only pay for the services you need, for as long as you decide to use them.

No constraints

High volumes or unique business model? Not a problem, we can accommodate your needs through a customized offering.

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