Who’s the BaaS?

Insights for companies who want to embed banking features via simple APIs. From the big picture to the nitty-gritty details, Swan breaks it down.

Customer stories

Syndic4you: this Belgian Proptech built banking flows as cool as your fave neobank

How Swan’s Banking-as-a-Service helped proptech Syndic4you achieve a dream UX on their residential building management platform.

Sarah Wachter
May 30, 2022

How Carrefour built their innovative cashback idea in just weeks by coupling with Swan

Find out how Swan helped Carrefour validate an innovative cashback method in less than 3 months.

Pico Petershagen & Sarah Wachter
April 13, 2022
Customer stories

Smart Deposits: grow your surplus business cash flow

How Swan empowered Smart Deposits to build an investment platform that lets European companies monetize their surplus cash.

Sarah Wachter
April 7, 2022
Customer stories

Agicap: easy cashflow management that lets you pay all bills in one place

How Swan helped cashflow analysis tool Agicap become a full-on cash management system — saving users from endless back and forths with banking apps.

Pico Petershagen and Sarah Wachter
March 24, 2022
Meet the team

Meet Stephie Ndinga, Swan’s Chief Compliance Officer

How Swan’s Chief Compliance Officer helped set the foundation for Swan to scale its European Banking-as-a-Service. Plus, catch her thoughts on how to fuel your own ambitions!

Sarah Wachter
March 8, 2022
Customer stories

iPaidThat: pay invoices in 1 click with automated company accounting

How Swan’s embedded banking helped iPaidThat step-up its user experience, increase retention, and capture more revenue.

Pico Petershagen and Sarah Wachter
March 3, 2022

Swan – Becoming a European company

The time has come for Europeans to build the next tech giants. Swan is here to help power the next generation!

Florent Tardivel
February 1, 2022
Embedded finance

What is embedded finance, really?

Embedded finance has matured in past years. It now goes way further than companies just slapping their brand on traditional financial products.

Pico Petershagen and Sarah Wachter
December 10, 2021

Swan's Sandbox is open. It's time to build.

Swan’s sandbox, which gives entrepreneurs and developers easy access to embedded banking, is open to the EU public!

Pico Petershagen and Sarah Wachter
November 5, 2021
Customer stories

Pennylane Wallet simplifies the lives of entrepreneurs and accountants

Pennylane, a fast-growing French Fintech, has solved a UX conundrum with Pennylane Wallet, facilitated by Swan's Banking-as-a-Service. Paying company bills is now quick and easy.

Sarah Wachter
June 4, 2020
Use cases

Company expense processes are messed up. Here’s how some clever startups are fixing this.

This is part of our “Use Case” series, where we detail the many different ways fintech features can...

Sarah Wachter
February 24, 2021

Requiem for the plastic payment card

What’s paper-thin, includes a computer that doesn’t need batteries, and...

Sarah Wachter
January 18, 2021
Use cases

Eliminate the tedious task and ongoing resources required for accounts reconciliation. Here’s how.

Introducing our “Use case” series, where we detail the many different ways BaaS features can be...

Sarah Wachter
December 14, 2020
Embedded finance

Why BaaS makes sense in 2020

When non-bank businesses embed banking features, opportunities unfold...

Sarah Wachter
November 10, 2020


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