Swan advances internationalization with a new office in the Netherlands

The opening of our Amsterdam office is another milestone in our strategy to Europeanize.

Marnix van Deursen
November 9, 2023

Today we’re officially opening our new office in the heart of Amsterdam. Swan is committed to deepening our roots across the continent so we can serve European companies even better: with local flavor. This Amsterdam launch is not just about geographic growth; it's the embodiment of our mission to deliver localized, nuanced services that resonate with the unique needs of each European market we enter. Europeanization. Swan already has offices in Paris, Bordeaux, Berlin, and Barcelona. But as a Nederlander (or Dutchman!) myself, I’m most excited about Amsterdam.

Swan's inaugural Amsterdam team

Embedded banking services for Dutch enterprises — with local flavor 🚲

Dutch companies are now enabled by Swan to open local banking accounts for their customers. That means they can offer IBANs starting with “NL,” and all activities including compliance, legal, and product, are thoroughly localized, too.

It was a strategic choice for Swan to open its next office in The Netherlands. Many local startups and established companies are currently working on innovation via banking; it’s a large market with a fast-growing fintech ecosystem.

Dutch companies will find that with Swan they can build and offer a banking product that’s truly their own, with a user experience that feels familiar, trustworthy, and intuitive. Our open-sourced banking interfaces make customization not only possible — but easy.

And now, on a personal note: we want to give a special thanks to Thomas Vles, Chief Revenue Officer of Ageras, Swan’s first customer in The Netherlands. They integrated Swan’s embedded banking features into accounting and tax filing services with their Dutch product, Tellow, recently onboarding hundreds of customers to their localized accounts. But Ageras won’t stop there: they’re on a mission to roll out embedded banking across all their markets.

According to Thomas himself, “Banking is an essential part of our product suite, and by integrating it with accounting and tax filing, we can make life so much easier for small business owners. They can find everything they need for administering their business, all on one platform with one, single login”

“Swan is a strong partner that enables us to become successful in many of our important markets in Europe, they are frontrunners in functionality, security, and collaboration."

Prop tech, Health tech, HR tech, oh my!

Marnix van Deursen - VP Sales - Swan Benelux

The Amsterdam team is already 5 strong, and we’re planning to double our workforce in the next two years, with the Amsterdam office serving as an important hub for Swanees in the region. We’re especially focused on connecting with Dutch enterprises in industries such as Prop tech, Health tech, HR tech, and financial management software. These software verticals stand to gain immensely from embedding finance. Businesses earn more money from new financial streams, while users get a significantly better experience.

Wondering how embedded banking might fit into your business? I’d love to chat! Feel free to book a demo with us. Or, even better, you can start building directly in our Sandbox to get a feel for Swan!

Nederland is een voorloper als het gaat om de acceptatie van technologische vooruitgang en we kijken er ontzettend naar uit om de komende jaren vorm te geven met onze partners!


Marnix van Deursen
November 9, 2023
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