Swan's PSD2 API

Third-Party Providers (TPPs) now have the opportunity to integrate seamlessly with Swan's dedicated PSD2 API interface. This integration empowers TPPs to offer customers account aggregation and other relevant services. The documentation provides TPPs with access details to utilize the testing environment, also known as the Sandbox.

What is the PSD2 API?

The PSD2 API (Payment Services Directive 2 API) is a standardized set of application programming interfaces that enables secure and regulated access to payment services and customers' banking information. It is part of the European Union's PSD2 regulation, which aims to enhance competition, innovation, and security in the financial industry.

What is the difference between Swan's API and this PSD2 API?

The Swan API is a GraphQL API that allows anyone to embed banking services in your product. The PSD2 API is a REST API that allows Third-Party Providers to access payment accounts created with Swan.

How to access the PSD2 API?

What is the availability and performance status of Swan’s PSD2 API?

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