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Swan is the best actor to ideate and experiment with embedded finance. Its unique combination of regulatory setup, API quality, and business model really make it feasible for any company to integrate banking features.
Maël Ezzabdi, CPO at Agicap
Swan's know-how responds to the operational requirements of our profession, where stakes are high and workflow issues complex. The ease of integration and quality of the technical documentation has been a delight for our tech team!
Vincent Folny, COO & Co-founder at Aria
“With Swan’s developer-friendly and reliable tools, Monbelappart’s engineering team is freed up to focus on what really matters: customer experiences.”
Adrien Faure - CEO | Mon Bel Appart
“Very smooth onboarding and clear API documentation. We’ve received great support from the Swan Team from day 1. We look forward to a long-lasting partnership!”
Geoffroy Uyttenhove - Co-founder | Syndic4you
We found exactly what we were seeking with Swan. To use other BaaS, we’d have to hire so many extra people. But Swan covers fraud, KYC verification, and all kinds of other things. For me, it was a no-brainer.
Jean-Pierre Ocalan, CTO & Co-founder at iPaidThat

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