Syndic4you: this Belgian Proptech built banking flows as cool as your fave neobank

How Swan’s Banking-as-a-Service helped proptech Syndic4you achieve a dream UX on their residential building management platform.

Sarah Wachter
May 30, 2022
Syndic4you and Swan


Many thousands of co-owners in Belgium struggle for months to convince traditional banks to open an account for their needs, while also having to pay expensive fees for professional building management.


Syndic4you built all the services co-owners need into one app. They covered the central financial layer of their solution by embedding banking features with Swan.


Syndic4you has revolutionized the world of commonhold buildings in Belgium. Their platform allows co-owners to open an account, automize accounting, set up a general assembly, and more. Co-owners no longer need to hire an expensive professional, and the user experience is even a little fun!

Syndic4you makes it simple, efficient, and fun for co-owners to manage their buildings.

Accounting Input invoices, process payments, balance books, and get automated financial reports.

General assembly That super fun annual meeting where co-owners agree on where to put their money (install a pool or fix the leaky roof?). Organize it, set the agenda, send invitations, take minutes, and count the votes. Syndic4you makes it easy and helps to stay compliant.

And more! Document management, expert legal help, insurance, maintenance, they thought of it all!

Syndic4you dashboard with accounts for co-owners

Syndic4you needed reliable and modern banking features.

To build up their solution, Syndic4you knew they needed banking features. When searching for the best option, Geoffroy Uyttenhove, Co-founder & CEO of Syndic4you, spoke to a number of friends who had already worked with BaaS. To his surprise, no one was really satisfied:

”Most providers seemed to cause issues in one way or another, whether with core features like KYC, or their time implementation horizon. We weren’t sure what to do. Thankfully, right around that time, I was listening to a podcast featuring Thibaud Elzière of eFounders, one of the best startup studios in Europe. He described an upcoming BaaS, Swan, and I knew we had to talk.”

Early chats with Swan founders Nicolas Benady and Nicolas Saison proved fruitful; their vision and expertise clearly aligned with the Syndic4you project:

"You could directly tell that these guys are professionals who know the sector and have the experience to build something solid. When you’re dealing with people’s money, you need to know your partner is professional and reliable – that’s Swan."

Swan’s Banking-as-a-Service helped Syndic4you achieve a dream UX.

Geof describes the user flow achieved with Swan as comparable to the most well-loved banking apps:

”I remember when I first discovered Revolut, I was one of the first in my group to use it. I found the entire flow so nice and cool. I thought all banks should do this! That nice flow is exactly what we were able to achieve by connecting to Swan.”
Swan enabled Syndic4you banking features

Here are some of the things Swan’s API platform made possible:

💫 Fast KYC

“KYC (Know Your Customer - a process required in order to verify the legitimacy of someone opening an account) took 45 minutes with Swan. Getting an IBAN took 45 seconds... the experience is totally different from a traditional bank. I didn’t have to go anywhere, sign tons of papers. It was very fast. The experience is fabulous.”

💳 Smooth card issuing

“Ordering cards was easy too. Traditional banks usually send cards to the co-ownership address, but the building managers don’t always live there. It’s annoying. With Swan, I chose my delivery address and had my card delivered to my home in just 3 days. The process is really nice, the flow with new technology is really smooth and actually fun.”

🤖 Accounting automation

“Accounting is at the core of Syndic4you’s app, 85% of which is automatized. Swan is behind a lot of this. We’ve made accounting down-to-earth, so it’s pragmatic and easy, even for beginners. Thanks to Swan’s automation, users don’t have to worry about mismatches and mistakes (it’s easy to type 2 instead of 3). And payment confirmation is easy, too: they just use their phone, verify their identity (face or touch ID), and the payment is sent. The UX/UI is really strong.”

Syndic4you's accounting automation through banking features

Syndic4you launched quickly with just a few developers — thanks to Swan’s no-code banking app.

For Julien Mourlon, Head of Product at Syndic4you, the no-code option was a no-brainer to get started embedding banking features quickly:

“That was really important at the beginning because we have a small development team. We can’t afford to reinvent the wheel and code every single thing at first. With Swan’s no-code banking app we were able to launch fast, and keep integrating by API at our own pace.”

Then, they customized further with Swan’s light and easy API:

“Swan’s API documentation was very clean, easy to implement, and light to integrate. Perfect for our small team of devs. I’m impressed with the customized flow we were able to build with our branding, from when you push the button on our platform, to our onboarding screens, and further.”

With an EU BaaS at the core, scaling is easy!

“Swan is the core of our application and our business model — this partnership allowed us to build truly useful banking and tech tools for co-ownerships in Belgium. And we’re confident Syndic4you will quickly become a must for co-owners. There are many thousands of new buildings that need smooth management today!“

We’re excited to watch Syndic4you grow and to help support their mission to make co-ownership management fun and easy. Our European BaaS will come in very handy when it’s time to branch out even further. 😊

Want to learn more about embedded banking with Swan? Have a chat with one of our experts.

Sarah Wachter
May 30, 2022
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