Webinar: Ageras launches first embedded banking product with Tellow

How Tellow embedded banking to set the gold standard for bookkeeping software

Sarah Wachter
October 11, 2023

Tellow, the easy bookkeeping tool for freelancers and small businesses in The Netherlands, has launched!

Tellow is part of the brand Ageras, which builds the best ecosystem for micro-businesses’ needs across 12 markets. The biggest tool in their toolkit? Embedded banking!

In this webinar, learn first-hand about the transformative power of embedded banking with Thomas Vles, the man behind the powerful integration at Tellow. When Thomas discovered Swan, he recognized the potential in fusing banking with software.

As software companies around the world recognize embedded banking as the new gold standard, Thomas' experience offers rich insights. Learn how to build an exceptional product, delight your customers, and potentially triple your revenue per customer by integrating banking services into your product. Nicolas Benady, CEO of Swan, joins the conversation to bring a zoomed-out perspective on the ecosystem, alongside host Douglas Mackenzie from Finance Fintech News.

Get the insights you need to take the embedded finance leap

❓What is embedded finance?

🤳 Why it’s great for your customers: improved user journeys.

📈 Why it’s great for your business: 3X more revenue!

🇪🇺 How the right BaaS partner will enable you to scale.

See in detail how Tellow boosted its accounting software

🧾Speedy invoicing.

📱Easy expense management: take a picture, store it, and it’s automatically booked under the right category.

😌Simplified taxes (gamified, even!)

Embedded finance gives you a competitive advantage

“It’s an amazing advantage to have in a market that doesn’t even want to serve freelancers or small businesses,” says Thomas. He goes on to explain how Swan makes this upgrade accessible for companies big and small: “We are quite a well-sized company, but even for smaller ones, these new technologies not only allow them to onboard customers, but also customise all the aspects of banking to their needs,”

The right partner will even empower your company to scale. At Swan we're building localized accounts across multiple European markets. After France, we've added Germany, Spain, The Netherlands, and more markets are to come. Why is this so important? Nico explains:

“A Dutch company wants an account with Dutch terms and conditions following Dutch laws, regulated by Dutch regulators. They want the tax reporting to be done locally, and ultimately they want a Dutch Iban. That's what we try to provide. We let our clients provide a hyper-local experience. If we want embedded finance to become really ubiquitous in Europe, we need hyper-local solutions.”

Fortunately, its surprisingly easy to work with embedded banking today.

Indeed, Swan makes it easy for anyone to start building. You can start testing things out right now in our Sandbox, or book a demo with us if you'd like to have a chat about your specific needs.

Sarah Wachter
October 11, 2023
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