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Swan is the easiest way to embed banking features into your product. Via its simple APIs, European companies can integrate banking services (accounts, cards and payments) quickly and easily into their own product.

Founded in 2019, Swan processes around 300 million euros of transactions per month, for 100+ companies across ten European countries. The company was founded with the startup studio eFounders, and has received growth capital from leading VC investors such as Lakestar, Accel, Creandum, and Bpifrance. Swan is a Mastercard principal member and a licensed financial institution, regulated by the ACPR.

What we do: embedded banking

Embedded finance is the contextualized integration of financial services into digital products. Tech companies of all kinds can benefit from embedding banking features like accounts, cards, and payments.

Why embedded banking?

We believe banking operations are at their best when you barely notice them. Think about your favorite chauffeur app: you order a car, you're driven, and you get out. You don't have to worry about the payment, it just happens. All types of digital businesses can make this kind of super-smooth user experience by embedding banking features.

There are countless processes involving money movement that can be improved: welcoming a new employee, paying a supplier, getting a new tenant moved in. Specialized software already handles these things, but they’re often still lacking the required banking feature integrations to offer a unified user journey.

Swan’s easy integration lets companies put banking services right where the end-user might need them, and it’s all white-labeled so the user experience continues to match the companies own branding and colors.

What makes Swan different from other embedded banking companies?

Swan fully owns the payment and fraud risk. We’re a regulated financial institution with our own e-money license and partners get to piggyback on it! This is a big deal for our partners. They don’t have to worry about getting regulated themselves nor building up a compliance department.

Our partners can start building now - Right now! Building and launching with Swan is extremely quick and easy compared to other solutions, no need to wait ages for a demo. With a free public sandbox and no setup costs, companies can start testing out everything Swan offers within minutes.

Developer-centricity. Our self-service platform offers the best implementation experience; our GraphQL APIs make sense and they “just work”.

Long story short: companies can go to market in weeks instead of months at a fraction of the cost of current providers.

Our credentials

Licensed financial institution
(e-money license regulated by the ACPR/Bank of France)

Principal Member for Issuing

Accepting Apple Pay

Accepting Google Pay

EBA-STEP2 BNP Paribas SEPA Indirect Participant

Building a European banking platform to last

We believe it should be super easy for tech companies of all kinds to innovate around the money movement in their apps. That’s the type of innovation that Swan enables. We’re the engine behind fintech builders all across Europe.

We recently raised a €37m Series B round and we are rapidly scaling. Swan is a strong contender in several countries, and we’re working hard to become a leader across the continent. To get there we rely on the collective intelligence of our people.

We are looking for the best talent to help us build the future of banking services!

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An international team of experts in banking, fraud, payments, product development, and more.

Nicolas Benady

Chief Executive Officer

A serial entrepreneur and payments expert, Nicolas has already cofounded two successful startups, Limonetik and Antelop, both acquired in 2021. Swan is his biggest venture yet, and his ambition is to make it a major European Banking platform for years to come. Nicolas is an avid cyclist, and one of the things that keep him up at night is how to build a more ecologically responsible company.

Nicolas Saison

Chief Operations Officer

Nicolas integrated 40+ payment methods at Limonetik and went on to manage payments and a B2C Finance Management app at Veolia. He leads daily operations with a sharp product vision and unbreakable positivity. Once upon a time, Nicolas Saison was actually CEO Nicolas Benady's apprentice. The two later joined forces as partners to make Swan take flight.

Mathieu Breton

Chief Technical Officer

Mathieu pilots super complex projects with admirable tech prowess. Passionate and altruistic, he's as comfortable sharing at a conference as he is huddled around a beer. Ex-lead dev at Xebia, then technical director, Breton has already launched his first tech company, JS-Republic, and now brings his savoir faire to Swan.

Stéphie Ndinga

Chief Compliance Officer

Before joining Swan as Chief Compliance Officer, Stéphie was at Leetchi, European leader in online money pots (12 million+ users), where she created a powerful scoring engine and built a compliance department from the ground up. An expert in fraud, regulation, and client services, Stéphie is just the powerhouse Swan needed to help us earn our coveted e-money license, and to provide the most robust possible compliance processes.

Luka Caratsch


Luka first got to know Swan as an investor at Creandum, one of our major VCs. He was so convinced by our vision that he went on to join Swan as a Chief of Staff. Previously a Management Consultant at BCG, Luka is a jack-of-all-trades, running business development as well as other strategic projects. Being a true gourmet, he's happy to have landed in the capital of fine food: Paris.

Florent Tardivel


Florent has spent the past 12 years in the tech ecosystem. He’s an entrepreneur, ex-PrestaShop, and joined Stripe just as the company landed in Europe. He helped grow their business across the region, eventually becoming Head of Sales for France. Florent joined Swan in August 2021 as our Chief Commercial Officer. He's based in Barcelona where he enjoys clement weather, summer festivals and pan con tomate.

Swan's values

Be human

We do the right thing and go the extra mile to help people — colleagues, partners, or clients. Be human, straightforward, transparent, and sincerely care.

Move fast, don't break things

If we must choose between security and going fast, we choose security. We are in banking, after all.

Be ambitious

We’re in this for the long game. To transform the entire financial services market, we constantly seek to do better, to do more.

Make everything simple

If something is confusing, we break it down. Making complex things simple is what we do.

Our Story

At Swan, our dream is to be the first thing people think of when they want to add banking features to any product. Our founders, all fintech veterans and seasoned entrepreneurs, experienced first-hand the pain of embedding finance: long meetings, piles of paperwork, convoluted APIs. There had to be an easier way. So they teamed up to launch Swan in 2019.

Since then, we’ve earned 58€m funding and became a licensed financial institution. Our platform is getting more powerful and more elegant by the day. Now we're expanding in Europe: localizing our product, internationalizing our team and our partner portfolio. With partners in 8 EU countries and product coverage across 30, we are on track to take Swan much, much further!


Company history and important events.
Founded in Paris by Nicolas Benady (CEO) Mathieu Breton (CTO) and Nicolas Saison (COO), in collaboration with startup studio eFounders
5M€ raised with Creandum (Spotify, Klarna, iZettle, Pleo) and BPI France
E-money license obtained to provide banking services across EEA
Principal member of the Mastercard Network
Feature launch: Accounts & IBANs
18 employees by end of year
16M€ Series A raised with Accel
Public Sandbox - open across the EU
Features launched:
Apple Pay
Google Pay
500M€ processed
Features lauched:
Accepting all Received SEPA Direct Debit: Core and B2B
Account funding
Testing API
Upload supporting documents
Instant SEPA Credit Transfers
Dashboard data visualization
Capital Deposit (France only)
and many more product improvements!
1Bn€ processed
German launch and new office in Berlin
Spanish launch and new office in Barcelona
+7Bn€ processed
+100 partners
+150 employees
Features launched:
Open sourcing
End-customer billing
Merchant payment collection
Internal & SEPA Direct Debit

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