How to launch banking features with Swan

Time to market matters. Our fastest partner launched in 23 days.
How fast can you go? Here's what your timeline might look like.

Day 1

Take a look around the sandbox and test out your design

Upload your branding, then see what it’s like to create accounts, simulate payments (you’ll love the touch and Face ID authentication), and review account statements. We have everything to get you started without writing a single line of code.

Week 1

A fintech expert joins your team

Within the 1st week, you are paired with a fintech expert to guide you through product development, integration, and launch. You’ll ideate around your product vision, and learn how to make the most of Swan. It’s great to have this person by your side — they know all about banking products and the best way for you to embed them!


It’s time to build!

By week 2, you can really get to building. Call your devs, dive into our docs, and integrate our API. If you really want to launch fast, use our no-code white-labeled banking app. We also open sourced the interfaces to speed up the process and offer a deeper level of customization

Week 3

Catch your breath while we do a compliance review

Your project is coming together quickly and you’re almost ready to launch. Now we have to perform a compliance check, because as a regulated financial institution, Swan makes sure everyone who offers our banking features follows the rules. This is how we’re able to let you piggy-back on our license.

Week 4

Voilà! You’re ready to go live

Confident your integration is rock-solid? Once you have the go-ahead from compliance, you can start inviting customers to open accounts. Just invite them to our ready-to-go onboarding form. You can even automate some steps, by pulling their data from your system.

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