Banking features to bring your product vision to life

Each of Swan’s features has the depth and flexibility required to achieve the best banking experience.


Hold, receive, and send money. Give your customers the accounts they need, and let Swan handle the onboarding and ID verification processes.

Payment accounts
Virtual IBANs
Instant funding
Local IBANs
eMoney accounts
Capital deposits


Pamper your customers or employees with smart cards. You can design and issue cards with your own logo in just seconds using our dashboard.

Instant virtual cards
Single-use virtual cards
Physical cards
Spending limits
Payment control
Apple Pay/Google Pay


All accounts are automatically assigned a main IBAN, a unique identifier. Banks use IBANs to deliver payments to their destination safely — all across Europe.

SEPA Credit Transfer
SEPA Direct Debit
SEPA Instant

Coming soon

We are working hard to expand our set of robust and easy-to-integrate banking tools.

New local IBANs

Offer your customers Spanish IBANs.


Build on top of our onboarding and web banking flows.

Payment Collection

Collect SEPA direct debit for merchants and card payments.

Foreign Currency

Send & receive payments in foreign currency.

Launch elegant banking flows with our ready-made white-label interfaces.

Build your MVP extremely quickly using our low-code, white-labeled interfaces.

Slap your logo on a ready-made banking app

And use whichever pieces you need to launch quickly.

Select the features you want to activate on your banking app

Do you want your users to be able to order cards themselves? Just click the toggle.

Onboarding is ready-to-go

Customers deserve a slick user journey, and opening a new account is a key moment. We built onboarding for you and kept it simple and clean.

PSD2-compliant SCA

You must provide your customers Strong Customer Authentication so they can authorize transactions, change passcodes, and more. We built SCA so you don’t have to.

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