Embedded finance brings
you closer to profitability

Find out how Embedded Finance enriches your software with banking flows that drive engagement, boost user retention, and create new revenue streams.

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Shifting focus from growth to profitability

To adapt to market uncertainty, tech companies are chasing new ways to increase profitability while keeping acquisition costs down. A proven way to get there is by embedding financial features into your product.

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Tap into new revenue streams.

Add new revenue streams like interchange and payment markups on top of your existing business. We created a calculator to give you an idea of how your numbers could actually look like. Support your business case for embedded banking!

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3x higher LTV just 6 months after going live.

Some of our partners have already seen their customer lifetime value triple just 6 months after integrating — a SaaS partner even reported 15€ in additional MRR among users who had adopted the new offering.

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