How Swan works

A birds-eye view of what it's like to start building banking features into your product with Swan.

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Begin with branding
your banking experience.

Upload your logo, pick your color, and set up a banking experience that looks and feels like your brand. We have everything to get you started without writing a single line of code.

Now you can set up accounts.

You can use Swan to create accounts for your customers. An account holder can be an actual human being ("natural person") or a legal entity such as a company or an association ("legal person").

It's time to add IBANs to your accounts.

All accounts are automatically assigned a main IBAN, but you can add virtual IBANs, too!

And issue cards. Instantly.

Create and issue cards for your accounts in just seconds. Our Mastercards are digital-first and can be linked to Apple Pay and Google Pay. We believe that the good old plastic card will soon be a thing of the past, but we've got physical cards in stock too.

You've just created accounts, cards, and IBANs in record set-up time.

You have everything you need for a standard bank account. You'll get a URL to a mobile-ready web app, so you can start inviting customers to open accounts straightaway. You don't have to create your own front-end if you don't want to.

What about ID verification and fraud? We've got it covered!

We fully manage compliance and fraud risk. You don't have to be a banking expert to work with us.

And for the API lovers out there…

The potential for customization through our powerful API is striking. Unplug our web interfaces to fully customize your banking experience and create your own UX. For more details check out our Documentation.

What can't Swan do?

There's plenty you can do with Swan, but there are also some limitations to what you can build:

Accounts issued by Swan can't have a negative balance.
Swan doesn't provide interest-bearing savings accounts.
Only companies and natural and legal persons based in the EEA can use Swan.
Cash and cheques
Swan does not allow to deposit cash or cheques.
Sensitive activity
Services and providers may not use Swan for crypto, or for sensitive industries.

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