Strengthen your brand with banking accounts your customers trust.

Embed local accounts into your product and enhance your value proposition across the European market.

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Swan — local accounts & IBANs

Offer local accounts and IBANs starting with
FR, DE and ES.

At Swan we know how important local accounts are for establishing trust and we are proud to offer French, German and Spanish accounts. Dutch and Italian are on their way!

Local banking features drive user growth and engagement.

European accounts for European customers

Get and retain customers

Once your customers get their banking accounts and payments going, they stick around for longer.

Local account, local UX

ID verification in their language, onboarding with documents they know, terms & conditions they understand.

New revenue from payments

Generate meaningful revenue by giving your users the ability to pay and get paid.

Get your users on board, fast and easy!


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Experiment with design, test authentications, and simulate what your customers will experience.


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Open accounts with IBANs from your customers’ country so they can bank frictionlessly.


Onboard users with just a URL

Embed a simple link for your users to use and get started right away.

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